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UNL Women's Basketball Player introduces steps for an "anti-racist plan"

Today, August 6, 2020, a player from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) women's basketball team posted a list of requests on behalf of the student-athletes at UNL. In the post, Haiby says that "certain changes need to be made in order to make our athletic department a place where all student-athletes can be successful and comfortable."

Haiby goes on to state that "On behalf of the student-athletes at Nebraska, we have created a plan that we want implemented (sic) at Nebraska by the fall semester." Haiby posted this on August 6, 2020, and the UNL fall semester starts August 17, 2020.

Among that list were items such as:

‣ "We need multiple people of color (POC) serving as senior administrators within Nebraska Athletics."

‣ "We need multiple POC serving as head coaches"

‣ "We need multiple POC serving as psychologists"

‣ "We need a memorial dedicated to George Flippin, the first African-American football player to compete for Nebraska."

‣ "We need PUBLIC acknowledgment of the wrongdoing and racism Mr. Flippin experienced in being denied a captainship of Nebraska Football in 1893 by Coach Frank Crawford."

‣ "We need 0.5% of annual athletic department proceeds to be donated to black-owned businesses in our community and charities/organizations that support and serve black youth and the black community."

‣ "We need a PUBLIC statement released acknowledging the Black Lives Matter movement and that states, 'Black Lives Matter'"

According to USA Today, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of 15 colleges that takes $0 from the University. Since 2015, the athletic department has made over $91,000,000 in contributions back to the University in which the money is used for scholarships for non-athlete students among other uses.

As of this writing, these requests have not been shared or retweeted by any current players for Nebraska Football, Nebraska Men's Basketball, Nebraska Volleyball, or Nebraska Baseball.

We have reached out to the Nebraska Athletics Department regarding these requests, and have not yet received any comment.

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