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Polk Man Arrested on Buffalo County Sexual Assault Warrant

Kearney, Neb (Mid-Nebraska Scanner) -- On November 18, 2021, a male with a Polk, NE address was arrested on a Buffalo County warrant for 1st Degree Sexual Assault and Unlawful Intrusion.

While court records are sealed, as is common in sexual assault cases, court documents allege that Jakob Riley Hogan on or about the 28th day of August 2021, did subject a nineteen-year-old female to sexual penetration without the consent of that person, or did subject the female to sexual penetration while knowing or should have known that she was physically or mentally incapable of resisting the act.

Jakob Riley Hogan, 18. Photo courtesy Buffalo County Jail.
Jakob Riley Hogan, 18. Photo courtesy Buffalo County Jail.

The court documents continue to allege that Hogan did knowingly or intentionally distribute or otherwise make public an image or video of the victim without her knowledge that her intimate area would generally visible to the public regardless of whether the victim was located in a private or public place.

If convicted of these charges, Hogan faces a potential maximum of 70 years imprisonment.

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