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Oklahoma City woman charged in Kearney assault

A 25-year-old Oklahoma City woman has been charged with 2nd Degree Assault following a disturbance at the East Lawn Trailer Court in Kearney. (Story continues below photo)

Melony Watts, 25. Photo via Buffalo County Jail
Melony Watts, 25. Photo via Buffalo County Jail

Court records state that the Kearney Police Department was dispatched to an assault at East Lawn at around 2:45 AM on Sunday, July 26, 2020. When the officer arrived, he was informed that a female had been struck in the head with a Crown Royal bottle.

The officer stated that he contacted the victim and was told that she and her long-time friend had gotten into an argument. At some point during the argument, Watts allegedly threw a Crown Royal bottle, striking the victim and causing her to bleed enough to drip from her head to her chest and arms.

The officer then contacted the suspect via phone and was told that she was at a local hotel. According to court records, Watts was very vague in speaking with officers about the altercation but did make a statement that she threw a bottle at one point. At that point, she was placed under arrest for second-degree assault.\

If convicted of 2nd Degree Assault, a Class 2A Felony, Watts faces a maximum of 20 years imprisonment. Her bond has been set at $1,500 Cash/Surety. She remains in the Buffalo County Jail at this time.

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