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Nigel Kuhl Part 3

This is the third piece of a three-part story referencing the the crimes that Nigel Kuhl of Ravenna has allegedly committed over the part two years. All information in these stories come straight from the applicable court documents which are publicly available. At the beginning of each story, I will include court case numbers in case you'd like to request the documents yourself.

Part 2: Case number: Buffalo County CR 20-706

On the evening of April 28, 2020, the victim's mother received a phone call from the victim. The victim informed her mother that she was at Kuhl's residence and that he had broken the windows out of her vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner. According to court records, she also told her mother that there had been another physical altercation but would not provide any more details.

On May 5, a Deputy from the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office called the victim. She allegedly told the Deputy that she had been staying at Kuhl's residence on Kufus Avenue in Ravenna, going against a no-contact order that had been put in place as part of Kuhl's bond on his last arrest. The victim informed the deputy that herself and Kuhl got into a verbal argument on April 28 and while she was trying to leave, Kuhl allegedly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. He then, according to court documents, began to drag her around by her hair. She was able to free herself and get out to her vehicle. 

Records state she then entered the vehicle and Kuhl began pulling on the driver side window eventually shattering it. He then began striking the windshield also causing it to shatter. At that time, Kuhl entered his residence and the victim was able to drive away.

The victim's mother also provided deputies with information that she had observed the victim's vehicle at Kuhl's residence multiple times.

Kuhl has been charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Assault (Class 1 Misdemeanor) and Criminal Mischief~$1,500-$5,000 (Class 1 Misdemeanor).

Bond for this case is set at $5,000 Cash, and Kuhl remains in the Buffalo County Jail.

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