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Nigel Kuhl Part 2

This is the second piece of a three-part story referencing the the crimes that Nigel Kuhl of Ravenna has allegedly committed over the part two years. Part one is available here. All information in these stories come straight from the applicable court documents which are publicly available. At the beginning of each story, I will include court case numbers in case you'd like to request the documents yourself.

Part 2: Case number: Buffalo County CR 20-125

On the evening of January 28, 2020 the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a domestic assault on Kufus Avenue in Ravenna. The victim called to report that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Nigel Kuhl. When deputies arrived to the residence, the victim refused to speak to law enforcement and stated that she needed no assistance.

As you read in part one of this series, Kuhl had been arrested on March 25, 2019 for a domestic assault on the same victim. He was still on bond when this new assault allegedly occurred. 

In the afternoon of January 29, 2020 the victim of these assaults met with her probation officer and, according to court records, began to open up to the probation officer about the most recent assaults.

The victim allegedly stated that on the evening of January 24 that she and Kuhl went to their garage and started drinking. When the victim went to grab the first beer, Kuhl grabbed the victim's arm, pushed her to the ground, and then spit on her. He then picked the victim up from the ground and held her by both arms in front of a forced air heater. The heater caused burns on the victim's left leg that were still bleeding five days after the assault. The injuries left the victim unable to work and made the simple act of walking into a chore.

According to an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant, the victim went on to tell the probation officer that on the evening of January 28, she and Kuhl were again out by the garage. They began arguing and Kuhl pushed the victim to the ground. She was pushed hard enough that she hit the cement floor head first and began bleeding from her chin. After the victim got up from the ground Kuhl allegedly threw a full 12 ounce beer can at her, hitting her in the mouth. The impact from the beer can knocked a tooth loose.

For this series of assaults, Kuhl has been charged with 1st Degree Assault (Class 2 Felony) and 3rd Degree Domestic Assault (Class 1 Misdemeanor). If convicted on both counts, he faces a maximum of 51 years imprisonment.

Bond was initially set and posted at $50,000. It has since been revoked and is currently set at $75,000 Cash.

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