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Nebraska man arrested after threatening local, state officials

Update: Lammers will have an initial hearing on Monday May 4 at 2:15 PM in the Phelps County Court. It is for at least one charge of Terroristic Threats, a Class 3A Felony. He is still being held at the Phelps County Jail as of this writing. 


Jess Lammers, a 38 year old male, was arrested in North Platte today after a recent series of threatening Facebook posts.

On a post dated Monday April 27, 2020 at 11:50 AM, Lammers threatened various court officials including "Judge Strawn" (possibly District Judge Susan I. Strong, District 3), "Judge Illingworth" (District Judge Stephen R. Illingworth, District 10), "Judge harder" (District Judge Terri S. Harder, District 10), "Judge Hoeft" (County Judge Timothy E. Hoeft, District 10), "Mike Henry" (Michael J Henry, Phelps County Attorney). 

He also went on to name various State and Federal officials representing Nebraska, South Dakota, and the United States Government. 

He is quoted in his own post as saying "I'll trade my lawsuit, the money and life on easy street to look into your suffering eyes as your child dies. Then you'll know how I've felt without my children for 2 decades."

When we reached out to the Phelps County Sheriff's Office, where Lammers is being held, we were told that the person answering the phone did not have access to information as to what charges Lammers was being held on or when he was due in court.

At this point, it is unclear whether the arrest is a result of the social media posts or not.

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