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Kearney Woman Jailed After Sexually Assaulting Kearney Police Officer

Kearney, NE -- On Monday, April 5, 2021, the Kearney Police Department was dispatched to the Kearney Regional Medical Center due to a disturbance between staff and a patient.

Araceli Neri-Arroyo, 46. Photo via Buffalo County Jail.
Araceli Neri-Arroyo, 46. Photo via Buffalo County Jail.

When the officers arrived they met with the suspect, Araceli Neri-Arroyo. Officers had contact with the female earlier in the day due to a disturbance at Crossroads.

An arrest probable cause affidavit alleges that while the officer was speaking to Neri-Arroyo, she reached out and cupped or grabbed the officer's genitals with her left hand. The Officer told her using loud clear statements that this was unwanted sexual contact. Neri-Arroyo reached out a third time and grabbed the officer's genitals. She was then placed under arrest by the officer.

When the officer arrived at the jail with the female suspect she became combative and aggressive. The officer states that when he was attempting to remove Neri-Arroyo's handcuffs she abruptly pulled away causing the handcuffs to strike the officer's face. The officer further states that the pull away was forceful enough that it broke his handcuff key off in the handcuffs.

While attempts were made to regain control of Neri-Arroyo, she allegedly bit the officer's arm.

Araceli Neri-Arroyo has been charged in the Buffalo County Court with 3rd Degree Assault on an Officer, a Class 3A Felony, and with 3rd Degree Sexual Assault, a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

If convicted of both charges, Neri-Arroyo faces a maximum of four years imprisonment, $11,000 in fines, and 18 months of post-release supervision. There is no minimum sentencing on these charges.

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