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Kearney man charged for allegedly cutting dog

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, officers with the Kearney Police Department were dispatched to 1727 University Drive Circle for a check welfare call on a male involved in an assault. Upon their arrival, they were informed that the male subject was doing okay but his dog was badly injured.

Officers then contacted 21-year-old Dovison Segla, the victim of the reported assault. Segla allegedly told officers that when he and his significant other arrived home for the night, they found the dog to have completely trashed their house. Segla then stated that he became upset at the dog and hit it. He then changed his story to say that the dog knocked a cake and a knife off of the counter. (Story continues below photo.)

Dovison Segla, 21. Photo via Buffalo County Jail.
Dovison Segla, 21. Photo via Buffalo County Jail.

According to an arrest affidavit, Segla then stated that the dog was cut by the knife when it fell from the counter. Officers say that based on the laceration to the dog and the location of the blood in the apartment it was apparent that Segla was lying to officers. Segla was then placed under arrest and transported to the Buffalo County Jail.

Documents state that at that time, officers interviewed Segla's significant other. She stated that when they arrived at the apartment, they found it to be trashed. She went on to say that Segla was upset, grabbed a knife, and cut the dog. At that point, the couple became scared and attempted to clean up the blood in the bathroom where the dog's kennel was located.

Further investigation revealed that the dog was allegedly struck at least twice with the knife, once in the head and once in the rear.

Officers state that the dog required immediate medical attention and received emergency surgery for its wounds. The laceration to its head is said to have left a dent in the skull and the laceration to the dog's rear went as deep as it's spine.

Segla was charged with Intentional Cruelty to an Animal (Class 3A Felony), Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony (Class 2 Felony), and Tampering With Physical Evidence (Class 4 Felony), and has since posted a $15,000 Cash/Surety Bond.

Segla faces a maximum of 55 years imprisonment for the charged crimes.

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