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Holdrege Daily Record — 07/13/2020

Friday 07/10/2020


Unit call

900 Block Logan St

Female transported to PMHC via Holdrege Unit 99 for injuries from a fall.


Abandoned Vehicle

10th & Lincoln St

Report of vehicle parked for 5 weeks without moving.  Officer was unable to make contact with the owner.  Red tag issued.


Lost Property

100 Block Blaine St

Lost cell phone near the swimming pool.


Theft: Other

700 Block Maberly St

Theft of supplies from a worksite.  Report made.


Traffic Compliant

1300 Block 2nd Ave

Report of two vehicles doing donuts near the Legion Ball field.  Drivers of the vehicles were contacted and written warning issued.

Saturday 07/11/2020


Suspicious Person

200 Block 4th Ave

Report of a male walking into a residence without owner’s permission. Officer spoke with the subject and advised they were not to return to the residence.


Assist Party

800 Block Blaine St

Officer spoke to a resident about questions regarding protection orders.


Juvenile Complaint

1500 Block 6th Ave

Report of a juvenile complaint officer spoke with the juvenile about proper use of the lawn and the restroom.


Assist Party

400 Block 6th Ave

Report of found medical equipment in a yard. Officer retrieved and disposed of.


Noise Disturbance

1500 Block 6th Ave

Report of children playing in a swimming pool and jumping on a trampoline making lots of noise. Officer spoke with the parent and the children agreed to go inside for the night.

Sunday 07/12/2020



500 Block Sherman St

Report of trespassers at a residence. An officer advised subjects they were not allowed to be at the property and not to return.



1100 Block Garfield St

Report of harassment officer documented information and advised the reporting party to contact their lawyer.


Dog at Large

600 Block Arthur St

Report of two dogs running at large owner retrieved dogs prior to officer arrival.


Dog at Large

5th & East Ave

Report of dog running at large officer unable to capture.


Watch For


Another jurisdiction reported a gas drive off. Black GMC pickup pulling a large camper with three slide outs. Officers watched for the vehicle and did not observe it enter city limits.


Juvenile Complaint

900 Block West Ave

Report of juvenile throwing rocks at vehicles. Officer spoke with the parent and the juvenile. The juvenile stated they were only throwing sticks at their sibling.

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