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Holdrege Daily Record - 07/08/2020

Monday 07/06/20


Dog at large

8th Ave & Lincoln St

Dog running at large.  Officer unable to locate


Dog at large

700 Block Burlington St

Dog running at large.  Dog impounded.  After impound fees paid and proof of rabies vaccination was provided, the dog was released to the owner.


Animal Complaint

6 Park Drive

Kitten stuck in the engine of a vehicle.  Officer couldn’t see the kitten to get it out of the vehicle but advised the owner to leave the hood open for the kitten to get out.



900 Block Miller St

Scam call: Reporting party advised she received a call about winning money.  The call had most of their information no account information exchanged.



1100 Block 7th Ave

Amazon scam: account was said to be charged an amount of money.  Reporting party did not have an Amazon account.


Assist other agency

1200 Block Hwy 6 

Bag of cans had spilled on the highway.  Deputy was busy with another call. An officer assisted the owner of the cans in picking them up.



900 Block Hancock St

Scam call: Local number called reporting party to advise their credit card would be charged and amount of money. Reporting party called the credit card company and nothing was charged. No information given to caller 


Protection Order Violation

800 Block Blaine St

Possible protection order violation.  Report forwarded to County Attorney for review.

Tuesday 07/07/20


Assist other Agency

700 Block 5th Ave

Officer assisted jail staff with a perimeter check.


Assist Party

1100 Block East Ave

Request to assist a resident into their home after returning from the hospital.


Theft: other

800 Block 4th Ave

Theft of mail.  Matter under investigation.



1000 Block 5th Ave

Scam call: Amazon card reported to have high balance.  Reporting party does not have an Amazon card


Civil Matter

800 Block Maberly St

Officer spoke with a subject regarding a civil issue.  Advice was given on how to handle the situations.


Disturbance: Noise

6th & Lincoln

Loud music coming from a vehicle.  Officer made contact with the owner and asked them to turn it down.  Owner complied.


Lost Property

200 Block Park Rd

Lost Cell phone near the South Park.


Disturbance: Verbal

500 Block Lincoln St

Verbal argument between family members regarding the use of cell phone to play music.  Officer spoke with both parties, everything ok.

Wednesday 07/08/20


Fire Call: Fuel Leak

1000 Block 4th Ave

Officers and Holdrege Fire responded to a diesel fuel leak from a truck after striking an Elk near Funk.


Dog running at large

300 Block W 4th Ave

Dog running at large.  Officer located the dog but the dog was uncatchable.

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