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Holdrege Daily Record - 06/29/2020

Friday 6/26/2020



800 Block 5th Ave

Holdrege resident reported a scam involving a purchase of a bike online.  Report made officer investigating further.


Lift assist

1100 Block East Ave

Officers assisted male who had fallen with a lift assistno injuries.


Accident property damage

1300 Block Hill St

Officer investigated a one vehicle accident vehicle vs building.



1200 Block Tibbals St

Officer placed a Holdrege female in Emergency Protective Custody and transported to Mary Lanning Hospital.


Suspicious activity

9th Ave & East St

Report of unsupervised female juvenile with little clothing on. Upon officer arrival juvenile had departed.


Motorist assist

900 Block Maberly St

Report of motorist who needed help unlocking her vehicle.  Locksmith was contacted for motorist.


Animal complaint

1300 Block East Ave

Report of an injured squirrel in the back yard ofa Holdrege residence.  Officer removed squirrel.


Assist other agency

Park St

Officer assisted Boys town hotline contacting a Holdrege resident who was threatening to harm themselves. Officer was able to contact the subject and subject’s family. The family transported the subject to a medical facility for further assistance.


Threats to life

Park St

Report of juvenile threating to harm themselves.  Officer spoke to subject and parents and advised of options



Knight Street Bertrand

Officer spoke with a female who had been receiving fraudulent phone calls stating there was a warrant out for her arrest. Officer determined to be a scam no information was exchanged.


Lift assist

1100 blk East Ave

Officers assisted male who had fallen with lift assist.


Lift assist

1100 blk East Ave

Officer assisted male who had fallen with lift assist.


Suspicious activity

1000 Block Grant St

Officer investigated report of a Holdrege resident who found a key in their door lock, officer checked residence and no damage or property missing.  Report made matter remains under investigation.


Assist party

900 Block Maberly St

Officer assisted Holdrege resident with medical issue, male transported to hospital by unit 99.


Check well being

100 Block Railroad St

Request to check on male subject at the train station who was threatening to harm themselves. It was determined subject did not want to harm themselves and were waiting to depart town to stay with family.

Saturday 06/27/2020


Unit 99

600 Block Morton St

Male transferred to Phelps Memorial Health center by Phelps Memorial unit 1 for personal illness.


Suspicious activity

300 Block Tilden St

Report of suspicious activity. Holdrege resident went outside and saw someone behind their vehicle request an officer to contact the subject. Upon officer arrival subject had departed the area.


Suspicious Activity

1200 Block Tibbals St

Report of a female running around with very little clothes on stating she was scared of her boyfriend. Officer contacted subject who wasn’t feeling well and decided to go to the hospital.


Lost Property


Report of lost black flip phone somewhere in Holdrege.


Parking Complaint

7th Avenue & Arthur St

Report of vehicles parked blocking alley. Officer contacted owners and vehicles were moved.


Check Well-being

700 Block Lincoln St

Report of a small toddler unsupervised. It was determined family was moving in across the street and the toddler had gotten out of the residence.


Injury Accident

18th Avenue & Burlington St

Report of two vehicle injury accident.


Unit 99

1100 Block East Avenue

Holdrege male transported by unit 99 to hospital for personal illness.


Dog running at large

100 Block 9th Avenue

Report of small gray dog running at large. Officer impounded dog.


Dog running at large

8th Avenue & Tilden St

Report of white husky running at large. Prior to officer arrival reporting party called back and advised owner had retrieved dog.


Civil Matter

200 Block Blaine Street

Property was left at the Police Department for another to retrieve. Owner stopped and picked up property.


Civil Matter

1200 Lincoln St

Report of someone moving out of a residence and leaving unclaimed property. Officer investigating further.


Check Well-being

1100 Block East Avenue

Officer was requested to check on the well-being of a Holdrege resident. Everything determined to be fine.


Fireworks Complaint

800 Block Lincoln St

Report of juvenile lighting off fireworks. Officer spoke with parent and advised Holdrege City Ordinance does not allow for fireworks until June 28th parent agreed to have juvenile end for the night.


Found Property

Burlington St & Park Rd

Male juvenile found white plastic necklace at park and advised it belonged to a little girl but couldn’t remember her name and he wanted the officer to hold on to it at the police department and he would tell the girl the next time he saw her where it was at. Officer placed in property.


Motorist Assist

18th Avenue & Burlington St

Motorist had broken down in roadway but traffic was able to pass they advised would tow if unable to start. Owner was able to remove vehicle.


Assist Party

400 Block Logan St

Report of two subjects locked out of residence female resident still inside but not answering. Officers were able to contact female who unlocked residence.


Suspicious Activity

715 5th Avenue

Report of a female hanging around the outside of the jail and courthouse. Officer contacted female who was waiting on someone and they agreed to leave the area.

Sunday 06/28/2020


Noise Disturbance

200 Block S Logan St

Report of loud party with a fire. Officer spoke to owner about complaint no violations observed.



500 Block Grant St

Report of a female who entered a residence without permission. Officer spoke with homeowner and female and she was instructed to leave the property and not return.


Warrant Arrest

1200 Block Tibbals St

Holdrege male arrested on Hall county warrant for probation violation and transported to Phelps County Justice Center.


Weather Event

6th Avenue & Arthur St

Report of tree down on power pole and power line due to storm. City electric department was contacted and responded.


Suspicious Activity

1400 Block Burlington St

Report of a found pill bottle with several different medications in it. Officer retrieved and disposed of medications.


Check Well-being

700 Block Logan St

Officer was requested to check on the well-being of a Holdrege resident who was threatening to harm themselves. After speaking with subject it was determined they were not a harm to themselves and agreed to speak with family members.


Lost Property

1000 Block Morton St

Report of lost keys with key fob.


Dog at Large

1400 Block 7th Avenue

Report of a little Chihuahua running at large. Officer impounded dog.


Traffic Complaint

744 rd & Hwy 183

Report of a traffic compliant a white service truck swerving all over the roadway. Officers unable to locate forwarded complaint to buffalo county.


Warrant Arrest

300 Block West Ave

Holdrege female arrested on Phelps County Warrant



600 Block W 4th Avenue

Report of an assault officer took statements and matter in under investigation.


Civil Matter

500 Block Grant St

Officer answered questions regarding a civil matter.


Fire Call

700 S Brewster

Phelps County Deputy Holdrege Police and Holdrege Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report of a truck trailer on fire. Fire was quickly extinguished.


Harassment via internet

200 Block Tilden St

Report of Harassment via snapchat officer made report.


Fireworks Complaint

1100 Burlington St

Report of subjects lighting off fireworks in parking lot of business. Officer contacted several individuals who had permission to be there and had water close by.


Fireworks Complaint

1400 Block S 13th St

Report of subjects lighting off fireworks at road ditches. Officer checked area and was unable to locate anyone.


Traffic Complaint

S Lincoln St & 4th Ave

Report of an atv driving northbound no lights wearing t-shirt and ball cap. Officer checked area unable to locate anyone in area.


Assist Other Agency


Officer assisted another agency with an investigation involving a Holdrege resident.


Fireworks Complaint

1000 Block 4th St

Report of fireworks being lit after 1100 pm city ordinance curfew. Upon officer arrival subjects were picking up for the night.


Traffic Enforcement

6th Ave & Hancock St

Officer conducted a traffic stop female driver was arrested for driving during suspension and possession of a controlled substance and was transported to Phelps County Justice Center.

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