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Court records provide further details into alleged animal cruelty

A Kearney, NE man was arrested on June 24, 2020 for alleged animal cruelty and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

According to court records Khaleem Baringer, a 21-year-old Kearney man, used a baseball bat and a knife to kill a dog in a home at the Countryside Trailer Court.

Police say that they were informed by a witness that after the dog, Mary Jane, defecated in the house on June 17, 2020 she tried to put it in a kennel. During the process of putting the dog in the kennel, it nipped at her. At this point, Baringer allegedly became very upset and grabbed a baseball bat. The dog was hit in the head multiple times before it was able to run away into a bathroom. Baringer followed the dog and the witness stated that she heard him continue to hit the dog. (Story continues below photo.)

Mary Jane

Court records go on to say that the witness checked on the dog and that it was still alive at that point. Police say that Baringer then returned to the bathroom and the dog ran away to the living room. Baringer followed and continued to hit the dog in the head with the baseball bat. The witness allegedly told police that there was blood "everywhere."

At one point, Baringer is said to have grabbed a knife and stabbed the dog at least one time. Baringer then wrapped the dog in several towels and buried it behind a shed in the witness's yard.

Police say that when they searched the house, after being given permission, they were able to confirm blood splatter in several places throughout the home. Police also observed fresh dirt in the back yard and in that dirt was an exposed hind quarter of a dog.

The deceased dog was taken to the Kearney Area Humane Society to be cleaned of dirt. After the cleaning, an officer was able to locate a puncture wound on the right side of the dog's chest. The officer states that the dog's skull was crushed in and that its eyes were bulging out of its head. The officer also felt the dog's jaw and was able to confirm that it had been shattered.

Baringer remains in the Buffalo County Jail. His bond is set at $25,000 cash.

Baringer faces a potential maximum of 53 years imprisonment if convicted of both charges.

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