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Court records outline Lammers allegations

In addition to publicly threatening numerous officials on his personal Facebook, Jess Lammers is alleged to have sent numerous emails to the those and other officials in February and April of this year. Other officials included US District Attorney Joe Kelly, the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, and the Nebraska Attorney General's Office.

Those emails, according to court documents, seem to stem from a South Dakota child support case against Lammers. 

The February 27th email purportedly makes numerous references to harming the recipients' children. He also says "I expect a reply. Understand if I show up on your doorstep, you will not like the conversation or my tone. The older I get the less life in prison scares me." according to the documents.

The April 30th email started with the subject line "Untenable situation. Justifiable homicide." He then allegedly goes on to state that these officials have stolen $39,000 from his wallet and 10 million minutes of his life. After a couple of thinly veiled threats, Lammers allegedly states "After interviewing 4 thousand people, I'm confident I can find a jury of 12 peers that will conclude: justifiable homicide."

Lammers was contacted by the Nebraska State Patrol at his place of employment in North Platte. When Lammers saw the State Patrol investigators, he allegedly began to scream at them and repeatedly said "Give me my money." Lammers was then arrested on suspicion of Terroristic Threats as a result of the escalating emails and transported directly to Phelps County Corrections in Holdrege.

Lammers is currently free on bond.

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