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Colorado man facing multiple felonies in Buffalo County

What started as a simple traffic stop for a stop sign violation ended in multiple infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, a trooper from the Nebraska State Patrol said he witnessed a silver Nissan Frontier run the stop sign at the east Kearney I-80 exit. When the trooper caught up with the vehicle, he noticed that the rear license plate was obscured by a tarp. The driver was then said to have appeared confused by signaling to turn yet continuing straight. At this point, the trooper initiated a traffic stop.

The trooper says that when he made contact with the driver, he stated that he was driving a rental vehicle but was unable to provide a rental agreement. (Story continues after photo.)

Nicholas Paczolt, 35. Photo via Buffalo County Jail
Nicholas Paczolt, 35. Photo via Buffalo County Jail

Court records state that the trooper had the driver, identified as Nicholas Paczolt, join him in the front seat of his patrol car. The trooper goes on to say the Paczolt was visibly shaking and sweating profusely even though the patrol unit had its air conditioning on. The trooper asked the driver what was wrong and the driver stated that they were on probation and not allowed to leave the state of Colorado. During this time, the trooper was advised that the Paczolt had a revoked driver's license.

The trooper then, according to an arrest affidavit, asked Paczolt if he had anything illegal in the car to which Paczolt said no, but there was a large knife in the bed of the pickup. The trooper asked for and was granted permission to search the pickup.

During the search the trooper allegedly found:

•Three suspected methamphetamine rocks

•Alcohol shooter bottle

•6 grams of methamphetamine

•Drug paraphernalia

•Approximately 100 self-sealing bags

•Stolen US Army Unclassified Laptop

•Two Additional Laptops

•Seven Licenses, Social Security Cards, and Health Insurance Cards

•Five security access cards

•Six Player Club Cards

•62 miscellaneous cards ranging from gift cards to credit/debit cards from another person.

Other items located were a chip reader, printable custom checks, approximately 170 receipts for items purchased and returned at various locations, and a fixed-blade knife that was approximately 13.5" long.

As a result of this stop, Paczolt has been arraigned on four felonies, three misdemeanors, and three infractions. If convicted of all charges, Paczolt faces a maximum of 31 years 6 months imprisonment.

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